Knutsford Beer Festival

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By Fran Holmes, Consultant Account Manager UK & EIRE – Twinfield UK

If you are going to attend a client event, this has to be the one. Beans (Tax Matters Accountants) invited Twinfield to sponsor the Annual Knutsford Beer Festival and, of course, attend!

Hosted by a very visible Mike Braun of “Beans” in his wonderful pink shirt, Thursday night was the VIP event and as their Twinfield Account Manager, I was certainly going to be there.

In attendance were a group of over 100 guests from all over the North West & Cheshire who gathered for the ultimate local brew experience. Their treat was 50 unique casks of ale, each temptingly labelled to draw you in to the tasting experience.

The favourite name of the evening for me? Well it had to be “Frank in Stein” a gold, hoppy ale of around 4.2%.

Throughout the evening the guests were guided through a detailed description of each brew thanks to a wonderful programme; And with 50 sponsored barrels from 50 different brewers’ what a night this would be. It was thrilling to order a pint of “Twinfield” or a pint of “Beans” and I couldn’t help wonder if that had ever happened before, I don’t think it has, or maybe no one remembers!

While drinkers enjoyed the education, they had the opportunity to ask all the craft beer questions that had been keeping them up at night and we had the experts ready to answer…

Andrew Malloy, Chairman of Knutsford Beer Festival Committee

Paul Buttrick, Master Brewer

Ian Cass, The Forum of Private Business & Hunters Gin

To help the guests, each was provided with a special commemorative Knutsford Beer Festival Glass. I felt quite rebellious at the end of the evening as I rode the train home with the glass stuffed into my bag.

It was quite a night. The drinks ranged from cider, to porter, to rye pale ale, with even a taste of dark ale thrown in for good measure. The festival carried on throughout Friday and Saturday and although I had an invite, I think 44 more beers may be just too much for me. Maybe next time!

So, what did I learn from this experience other than any beer above 6% is probably not for me (Bollywood beer – Toby from Workshop Marketing knows what I am talking about)? I learnt that accountants are quite cool. No, really!

“Beans” have embraced change and found new and innovative ways to reach out to their clients and prospects. They have acknowledged the desire for disruption in the marketplace and identified market sectors that are right for them. I asked “Wouldn’t it be great if Beans had all 50 brewers as their customers? To which Mike Braun replied “Yes! Let’s work together to achieve this”

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