“Twinfield stood out as providing the most value for money.”

We”re getting a massive cost saving through not having to pay thousands for a huge financial software system. Scale of business is not a problem and you can configure so much. I”d recommend it for every type of business.

Laura Cummings Head of Financial Control
Business Stream

Cloud based financials for smart businesses.


Businesses already using Twinfield

Smart businesses have more sophisticated needs…


Your financial engine

Smart businesses have a vision of where they want to be and Twinfield has the power to help them get there. When your business demands multi-currency invoicing and transactions, fixed asset accounting and project accounting we are ready. And if your needs are straightforward it’s reassuring to know that Twinfield’s power is matched by its reliability. Wherever your business is heading we are here to make the journey a little easier.


Sophisticated reporting

Collating management information can be daunting. Multiple offices, remote teams, different operating cultures and time zones all add to the challenge. But with Twinfield every transaction, every financial detail however small is present and available for analysis. Management packs comparing actuals, budgets and forecasts for multiple budget holders can be prepared in minutes. Now businesses of all sizes can become more agile.


Smart integration through Web Services

Build the operating “ecosystem” to help your business thrive. Need faster document import? Choose one of our scanning “TwinApps” that upload data directly into your system. Need specific stock control systems? Through Twinfield’s open API, we can link to any system you require, provided it allows for effective data export. And we continue to add pre-integrated partners to our system all the time, to help you make your business work smarter, not harder.


Audited security

Twinfield uses data centres based in Europe so only you and our Database Administrators have access to your data. Your data is protected by firewalls, anti-virus software, data encryption and independent security audits carried out quarterly by BDO. In addition, physical security measures include multiple power supplies and internet connections to ensure maximum uptime; fire, flood, theft and intrusion protection. Your data security is certified to the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, SAS 70, ISAE3402 and PCI.


Get the best from your people

It’s easy to manage your people’s access to the information within Twinfield. This enables you to play to their strengths. Detail-focused bookkeepers can take care of the financial information brought into the system. Managers can see detailed performance figures in real-time and take decisive action to meet targets. Directors can ensure that the overall strategic picture is as expected through customised KPIs.


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Or you might simply want to see Twinfield in action. Join Scott on Monday for your free webinar. If you like what you see on Monday, ask about a demonstration with your own data in the comfort of your office.

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Twinfield is for smart businesses


Smart businesses have ambition and direction. And they expect results. Twinfield enables you to make business decisions based on real-time financials and relevant management reports. In short, it removes some of guess work and speeds up delivery of financial intelligence.

Twinfield reduces the burdens of bookkeeping and accounts preparation too. This leaves your accountants to concentrate on delivering regular, valuable insights to help your business thrive. With Twinfield your accountants can become your virtual finance directors helping you overcome day to day business challenges.

Common challenges – overcome.

  • Challenge-oneHandling high transaction volumes and multiple currencies.
  • Challenge-oneGathering information across departments, offices and territories.
  • Challenge-oneReducing errors and manual data handling.
  • Challenge-oneProviding the right people with the right information.

Things to look for in a cloud based financials system:


There are so many cloud accounting packages how do you decide which one will suit your business?

We could name a couple that are perfect for start ups or businesses with straightforward needs.

But Twinfield has developed as the needs of our ambitious clients have become more sophisticated. So ask yourself a couple of questions, you might have found your perfect match already.

Does your business operate from multiple offices or territories?

Do you use multiple currencies or process high volumes of transactions?

Do you need to prepare complex reports for multiple budget holders?

Do you want to process and prepare invoices within one system?

Do you have tiers of management each with specific areas of financial interest?

Do you want to extend your finance team’s capability without costly recruitment?

Do you want to reduce the capital expense of software and IT infrastructure?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions or your business is keen to grow, we ought to talk.

Email Gillian here.


What people are saying about Twinfield



“We’ve significantly cut the time it takes to complete our UK accounts production – from around 2 weeks to 2 days. We’ve also reduced our annual costs by 50% – even including the implementation costs.
We’ve seen a number of key benefits including simplified processes, reduced costs, improved accuracy and scalability. Furthermore, we’ve been able to use the reporting and analysis function to add value to the business.”

Anne Howard
Head of UK Finance Broadway Malyan



“Twinfield delivers. As users for over five years we’ve found it astonishingly reliable and adaptable. It keeps processes efficient and copes easily with growth. With Twinfield we have the tools to help our clients make better business decisions.”

Philip Woodgate
Partner Goodman Jones