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Twinfield now offers you Invoicing as it should be – innovative, smart, quick and easy

Twinfield Invoicing

Flexible, collaborative online accounting

Twinfield offers flexible, collaborative online accounting; with a range of subscriptions to suit both small and large organisations. Twinfield also ensures efficient, secure and real-time data exchange between clients and accountants or within organisational departments.

Why choose Twinfield

Transparency, control & efficiency

Juiste beslissing met online boekhoudenReal time insight and up-to-date financial data enables you to make the right decisions.  

Efficiënter werken door online boekhoudenDo more with fewer clicks thanks to clever automatic and self-learning solutions.

Samen online boekhoudenCollaborate with your accountant and achieve greater control.

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Accountancy in 2014…

Andre Kwakernaat’s vision for the future

The Connected World

The future of accounting





Gerry CollinsOur clients are increasingly demanding information that gives them a better understanding. Twinfield allows us to share real time data and enables our clients to take control of their business.

Gerry CollinsPartner, Ecovis Wingrave Yeats

Phillip Woodgate“Twinfield delivers. As users for over 5 years we’ve found it astonishingly reliable and adaptable. With Twinfield we have the tools to help our clients make better business decisions.”

Phillip WoodgatePartner, Goodman Jones


lelseymalkin146“We’re opening up new opportunities. In the future, we’ll be able to offer a more engaged business advisory service and to take on the role of ‘virtual FD’.”

Lesley MalkinAudit Partner, BWMacfarlane

Tim_Dunn menziesWe’ve had a really good response so far from clients and colleagues alike regarding the functionality of the new online system, people can really see the benefits.”

Tim DunnPartner, Mezies


Accountants and Twinfield – Mutual success

Twinfield is a serious business partner, by providing accountants with the engine to drive their online business.

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