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Twinfield NEO Update Sept/Oct 2014

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Welcome to our first update post about Twinfield NEO. Here we will update you regularly on new features and enhancements that have been made to Twinfield.

For some background on Twinfield NEO and our future plans this blog will bring you up to speed. Take a look at our demo video below and learn more about Twinfield NEO and how to access it. No worries, you can try out Twinfield NEO and switch back to Classic at any time.

Some of the biggest improvements and new features of Twinfield NEO are:

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The four key features of Twinfield NEO

NEO Benefits

Twinfield NEO has been in development for two years. During that time we have aimed to create the smartest, most efficient online accounting and bookkeeping software on the market.

‘Smart software’; what does that mean? It means Twinfield learns as you use it. Making it more effective and more useful for you on a day-to-day basis. How is this possible? Four key features within Twinfield NEO are being developed:

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Twinfield NEO – The Next Generation of Online Accounting


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This is the first in a new series of posts which explain the developments and improvements that are being made to Twinfield; we call it ‘NEO’. Twinfield was born 14 years ago and changed the face of bookkeeping. Accountants, bookkeepers and businesses could move time-consuming, messy, administration from their desks to the cloud, saving time, money and of coursxe stress.

But of course time does not stand still. Our constantly evolving business environment relies on technology to support it and help it grow and that is why Twinfield has never stopped looking for ways to improve the user experience.

Over the past two years we at Twinfield have been building out a brand new product architecture and look and feel; encapsulated in the name ‘Twinfield NEO’. What is Twinfield NEO? Its smart accounting software, combined with a new intuitive user interface, that works for you.

From mid-September you can preview the first of the changes that are happening to Twinfield. To start with you will be able to use a new home screen. This will be supported by the Twinfield NEO architecture and design, which is the foundation for all future modules servicing our users with new functionalities and meeting the explosive growth of data processing.

Inform & Involve

Via this blog, we want to inform and involve you in the development process of Twinfield NEO. It is one of our ‘essentials’: our customers inspire, test, criticise and improve our software. Our way of developing is based on ‘customer involvement’: in this way we will co-create Twinfield NEO over the coming years.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll guide you through our philosophy, the key features of Twinfield NEO and we’ll give you some first impressions of the new look & feel. After that, we will keep you posted on on developments.