Twinfield Training Centre

To make sure you get the most out of Twinfield we have recorded a selection of ‘how-to’ videos which you can access below.  We are adding videos all the time, so check back regularly to keep up to speed on everything from re-posting transactions to processing E-bank statements. In addition we will include clips on how to use the new Twinfield NEO interface and our powerful reporting tool, Twinfield Analysis.

To watch a video click play and then select full screen. If you want to watch in HD then simply click on the settings wheel icon at the bottom of the window and select 720HD from the drop down menu.

Processing a VAT Return
How to prepare the data and create the report for a given period


Create a New Company
Here we show you how to create a brand new company using an existing template.


How to Create a New Financial Year
A quick and easy guide to creating a financial year in the software, including setting periods.


Create a General Ledger Code
Generate a new G/L code from the Dimensions menu.


Uploading a CSV Bank File
How to upload a CSV bank file using the File Manager and create a bank template.


Processing E-Bank Statements
Once you have uploaded the CSV bank file, learn how to manage bank statement lines.


Setting Up Pay & Collection Types
How to make sure you have the correct pay and collection types set up


Customising a Customer Ageing Report
An easy to follow example of how starightfoward it is to customise Twinfield reports


How to Create User Roles
In Twinfield it is possible to create new user roles by customising existing roles. It’s quick and easy.


Creating Customers Using Twinfield NEO
A look at the NEO user interface and how you can use it to create a new customer.


Create a Bank & Chequebook Account
Once you have created a new bank account in Twinfield you can register a cheque book and paying-in slips to it.


Matching Transactions
How to match a credit note against an invoice.


Processing Manual Bank Statements
If you have a paper bank statement you can manually enter the transactions


Re-Posting Transactions
If you’ve posted a transaction to the wrong account here’s a simple method of correcting the problem.